Adam Burk

Bliss, Idaho

Project Detail

Adam Burk is a 2007 Bliss High School graduate. Adam went through high school participating in everything his school had to offer: sports, FFA, BPA, Honor Society, Idaho Scholastics team, etc. He was a Boy Scout and worked all the way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Currently, Adam is a junior at the University of Idaho studying to become a Biological and Agricultural Engineer with the Food and Bioprocess option. Adam hopes to see himself helping to find an alternative fuel source, or to help find a way to help farmers grow larger crop yields and more food to help with the world’s growing population and shrinking farm land.

Parents: John & Melanie Burk College: University of Idaho Sponsor: Butte Irrigation

$500 Lindsay Corporation $300 Butte Irrigation $800 IIEA Scholarship