Alan Branch

Malta, Idaho

Project Detail

I plan to attend CSI for two semesters during the 2005-2006 school year. During this time,. I plan to complete my general education requirements for an Associate of Arts in Agriculture at the College of Southern Idaho. I then plan to on an LDS mission for two years. Upon my return from my mission, I plan to attend CSI and the University of Idaho/College of Southern Idaho in Agricultural Science and Technology. I intend to achieve my educational goals through study, hard work and determination My career goals include being an educated farmer. I plan to farm in the Malta area. I am planning to purchase some ground in the Malta area upon my graduation from the University of Idaho/College of Southern Idaho. I enjoy the farm life and plan to make a successful career of it

$150 Idaho Equipment Co. $450 I.I.E.A. $600.00 Scholarship

Parents: Nolan & LuAnn Branch Sponsor: Howard Neibling, University of Idaho College: College of Southern Idaho