Allysha Yasuda

Fruitland, Idaho

Project Detail

Allysha Yasuda is a junior at the University of Idaho and is studying microbiology, with an emphasis in pre-med. Just like in high school, she has a passion for being involved and volunteering in her community. She is an active member in the Alpha Phi Beta Zeta chapter, currently interning in the University of Idaho Career Services Employer Relations department, performing undergraduate research in Dr. Onesmo Balemba’s lab and beginning work in the area of developmental disabilities. In her spare time, she loves running, adventuring with her friends, and actively participating in her church Resonate. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans on attending medical school and working toward her dream of becoming a pediatric endocrinologist, or diabetes doctor for children.

Parents: Roger & Cathy Yasuda
College: University of Idaho
Sponsor: Pipeco – Fruitland

$600 IIEA Scholarship