Brandon Eldridge

Ucon, Idaho

Project Detail

Brandon Eldridge is a Construction Management student at BYU-Idaho. He is very driven and has ambitious goals for the future. With many years of experience working for a local commercial / agricultural concrete contractor, he seeks to combine field experience with education as he completes his degree. Born and raised in Ucon, Brandon has a deep love for Idaho and hopes to make a place for himself in the construction industry here with his sweet wife, Marissa. ā€œIā€™m very passionate about everything I do, I try to realize my full potential that God has blessed me with, and hopefully inspire others to realize theirs.ā€

Parents: Lance and Cathy Eldridge
College: BYU-Idaho
Sponsor: Rain For Rent – Idaho Falls

$500 Kermit Cochran donation =$500 IIEA Scholarship