Caroline Keller

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Project Detail

Caroline Keller graduated in May 2020 from Idaho Falls High School. Caroline was involved in sports throughout her entire high school career involving cross country running for two years and participated in basketball and softball for all four years of high school. Sports played a huge part in her life; she would go from one school sport to the other during the school year, and spent her summers playing competitive travel softball, and attending basketball tournaments and camps. During her years of playing softball, she was named MVP of her team two years in a row. While sports are a big part of her life, she also loves school, taking particular interest in the medical field. She took the CNA (certified nursing assistant) class at Compass Academy, earning her CNA license so that she would be able to work in the hospital as a CNA while attending college to get her nursing degree, and eventually, move on to get her PA (physicians assistant) license, which she has been planning to do for most of her life.

Parents: Steven & Megan Keller
College: Brigham Young University- Idaho
Sponsor: Idaho Power Company

$500 IIEA Scholarship