Devin Fielding

Shelley, ID

Project Detail

Devin Fielding was born in Shelley, Idaho during potato harvest. This early influx of “spud dirt” was responsible for Devin’s future life decisions. Growing up, he always wanted to be a farmer just like his Dad. Devin graduated from Shelley High School in 2004 and began attending college courses the following fall. Devin has worked at several jobs in his career including construction, welding, and, of course, farming. He and his wife currently reside outside Shelley and assist his father in running the family farm. Devin also started a composting enterprise with his father as a partner in May of 2006. In August of 2007, he will enter his senior year in the Ag Business program from the University of Idaho in Idaho Falls. Following school, Devin intends to work in the agricultural industry, preferably in production agriculture.

Parents: Alan & Nancy Fielding Spouse: Rebecca College: University of Idaho, IF

Sponsor: Rain For Rent, IF $350 Clemons Sales $350 IIEA Scholarship