Janae Chandler

Rigby, Idaho

Project Detail

Janae Chandler graduated from Rigby High School in 2015. She is currently enrolled at Brigham Young University-Idaho, working on her bachelor’s degree in horticulture. She was actively involved in choirs in high school and college, and has received awards for her achievements. More than anything, she really loves plants and getting her feet and hands in the dirt! She has always enjoyed working in the garden with her dad, but her real love for plants was sparked when she took a botany class in high school. She loves learning about new things, as she pursues her goal to work in a greenhouse someday. She especially enjoys learning about how nature works and likes to personally experience the healing properties of plants. For Janae, it is all about sharing her knowledge of plants and making personal connections with those around her.

Parent: Lloyd & Barbara Chandler
College: BYU-Idaho
Sponsor: Silver Creek Supply-IF

$500 G&S Sales, Inc.= $500 IIEA Scholarship