Jonathan Holt

McGrath, Alberta

Project Detail

Jonathan Holt is a graduate student at Utah State University. His passion for agriculture began when he was young and has led him to where he is today, performing irrigation field trials across Utah while taking courses in agronomy. He is researching pivot irrigation technologies such as MDI, LEPA, and LESA, and irrigation technologies for surface irrigation. He has presented his research at several Extension events (field days, trainings, etc.), as well as at international agronomy meetings. Recently he co-authored an article about soil moisture sensing, in the Hay and Forage Grower magazine. Once his studies at USU are completed, Jonathan plans to work at a university where he can teach courses in agronomy and continue doing research in irrigation. The support of the IIEA, Ag Sales, and Butte Irrigation is greatly appreciated.

Parents: Wally & Sheila Holt
College: Utah State University
Sponsor: B.A. Fischer Sales Company, Inc.

$300 Butte Irrigation + $100 Ag Sales + $200 IIEA = $600 IIEA Scholarship