Jordan Allender

Parma, Idaho

Project Detail

Jordan Allender is a 2018 graduate from Parma High School and will be attending Treasure Valley Community College in the fall of 2018. She will major in Natural Resources and minor in business. Upon graduation, Jordan wants to work with Idaho Fish and Game. During her time at Parma High School, Jordan participated in Launch Pad, FCA, and served as a secretary for Skills U.S.A. Jordan also took part in community service twice a year and worked many jobs. She worked for Apple Lucy’s, Agri-Lines Irrigation, Moxie Java, Cappuccino Cowgirl and often helped her dad in the field running equipment, laying pipe, and digging trenches.

Parents: Kendra Pennington, Kevin Allender
College: Treasure Valley Community College
Sponsor: Agri-Lines Irrigation

$500 Nelson Irrigation Corp. = $500 IIEA Scholarship