Kaedy Pardew-Peck

Eagle, Idaho

Project Detail

Kaedy Pardew-Peck grew up in Eagle, Idaho working on her family’s farm growing and harvesting alfalfa and grass hay for their livestock. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends in the great outdoors camping, fishing, boating, or soaking up the hot Idaho sun.
Kaedy is a sophomore at the University of Idaho majoring in Agribusiness with minors in Accounting and Marketing. At the U of I, Kaedy is involved in the following internships and extracurricular activities: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Student Affairs Council Internship, CALS Recruitment Event Planning Internship, Idaho FFA State Leadership Conference Internship, and the Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority. Kaedy also served on the University of Idaho Residence Housing Association LLC Community Council as Upham Hall’s Representative. Kaedy’s career goal is to continue to connect her passions and education towards the successful growth of agriculture in local, state, national and/or world markets, community sustainability and to advocate for the literacy of agriculture.

Parents:    Ann Pardew-Peck & Bryant Peck
College:    University of Idaho
Sponsor:   Interwest Supply

$100 IIEA + $150 Waters & Associates + $350 Mitchell Lewis & Staver = $600 IIEA Scholarship