Mark Hatch

Castleford, Idaho

Project Detail

My studies include many areas of hydrology and fluid dynamics, which no agricultural engineer can do without. These are the basis for our understanding; whether it is for a cooling system, pump system, or holding tank. After college, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to make my mark in structural design of Agricultural Systems. This may include storage tanks, silos, barns, and piping systems. Overall, I wish to build structures that are beneficial and productive for those people who are active in the growing, distribution, and processing of agricultural products. These structures would be uniquely engineered structures that are simpler, more cost efficient, and more productive for the owner of these systems.

Parents: Reagon & Susan Hatch Sponsor: AIS, Inc. College: University of Idaho

$500 Wish Northwest $100 Irrigation Accessories $600.00 Scholarship