Miranda Reeves

Battleground, Washington

Project Detail

Miranda Reeves is a 2018 graduate from Battle Ground High School. She placed 4th in her
class of over 400 students, maintaining a 3.99 GPA throughout high school and continuing these high GPA standards in college. Miranda is currently furthering her studying for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Arizona State University online. She currently owns, along with her older sister, Madison Reeves, an event florist shop, Reeves’ Prestige Matters. In the future, she hopes to continue to grow her business and become a larger competitor in the floral industry. Miranda spends much of her time volunteering for Unified sports, coaching for recreational community soccer teams, at her old high school in the floral department, and various places throughout her community.

Parents: Lori & Ron Reeves
College: Arizona State University
Sponsor: Control Components Northwest

$700 IIEA Scholarship