Cassandra Beene

Rupert, Idaho

Project Detail

Cassie Beene graduated in May in 2019, and upon graduation from high school had already completed over 40 college credits. She was extensively involved in her high school’s FFA program and enjoyed the leadership and public speaking opportunities the organization offered its members. She enjoyed mentoring younger members in her county’s 4-H program and her church’s youth outreach program. Throughout high school, she worked at the Rupert Veterinary Clinic where she was able to increase her knowledge of animal health care. Her passion and interest in the agriculture industry has led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business. She is looking forward to working towards the completion of this degree at Montana State University and hopes to use the skills and knowledge she obtains to pursue a career within the agriculture industry.

Parents: Britt and Andrea Beene
College: Montana State University
Sponsor: Butte Irrigation

$100 Layne Pumps Inc.+ $500 Komet Irrigation = $600 IIEA Scholarship