Stormie Kidd

Declo, Idaho

Project Detail

Stormie Kidd is a 2013 graduate of Declo High School. She participated in many school and extracurricular activities and managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA. She was the head cheerleader. She loved attending every sporting event and leading the student body in school spirit. She belonged to the yearbook staff, drama club, National Honor Society, and DSOPP—a service club. Stormie was also part of Declo High’s softball team. She was a two year starting pitcher. Stormie will be attending Big Bend Community College as a member of the softball team, while working towards her degree in Elementary Education.

$500 Nelson Irrigation Corp. $100 IIEA $600 IIEA Scholarship
Parents: Kent & Kimberly Kidd College: Big Bend Community College Sponsor: Valmont Industries